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diccionario analógico

en quantité suffisante par rapport aux souhaits (fr)[Classe]

幻想地, 极好地,难以置信地eerily, fabulously, fantastically, incredibly - 丰富地, 大量地,很多, 过多[地]abundantly, amply, copiously, extravagantly, lavishly, liberally, plentifully, profusely, richly - à la pelle (fr) - fortement (fr) - diantrement (fr) - plantureusement (fr) - famously - hugely - amply, at great length, at length, copiously, extensively, generously, lengthily - inexhaustibly, unfailingly - 主要+地, 主要地, 大体上, 大多, 大部份, 大部分, 大部分+地, 大量地, 很大程度上, 通常+地for the greater part, for the most part, largely, liberally, mostly, to a large extent - 巨大+地, 异常+地prodigiously - 显著地, 顯著地consequentially, considerably, extensively, markedly, significantly - à poignée (fr) - in profusion - à torrent (fr) - d'abondance (fr) - à foison (fr) - 宽宏大量地, 慷慨地generously, liberally, munificently - big-heartedly, bounteously, bountifully, generously, lavishly, plenteously, plentifully, prodigally, profusely, unsparingly - à flots (fr) - superfluously - royalement (fr) - à revendre (fr) - 奢侈地prodigally - without stint - 丰富地, 富裕地, 慷慨地, 浪费地, 贵重地extravagantly, lavishly, richly[Spéc.]

enough and to spare, galore, in abundance, in plenty[Gén.]



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