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diccionario analógico

se montrer (fr)[Classe]

devenir distinct, manifeste à nouveau (fr)[Classe]

émerger (pour un lieu précédemment inondé) (fr)[Classe]

venir à l'esprit (pour une idée) (fr)[Classe]

mipoitra, miseho - percer (fr) - figure - mivoakacome - avy tampoka, tonga, tonga tsy ampoizinaarise, befall, be realized, come up, crop up, occur, pop, pop up, take place - appear, become visible, come into sight, come out, come to hand, come to light, emerge, manifest o.s., turn up - miseho, mivoaka ety ivelany - mitsimokabourgeon, bud, burgeon, burgeon forth, come out, germinate, pullulate, shoot, sprout, spud - be afoot, be going on, be the matter, be up - mangirana, mitsimokadawn - appear, loom, loom ahead, loom up, pop up, surface - miely, mipoitra, miseho - mipoitraappear, emerge, stand out, surface - come on, come out, prove o.s., show o.s., show off, show up, surface, turn up - faire une apparition (fr) - percer (fr) - amin'ny hariva, amin'ny takariva, tonga - manifest, manifest o.s., reveal itself, show itself - mamoaka, mihamazava, miharihary, misava, miseho vatana - mamoaka - dévoiler (fr) - get light, grow light - mifantsitsitra, mipoitra, mitangirikagush, spirt, spout, spurt - transparaître (fr) - miseho, mitsimoka - blow up, break loose, break out, burst out, erupt - miboiboikaswell, well up - form, spring, take form, take shape - re siosiofilter - respirer (fr) - avérer (fr) - miharihary - mampivoaka, mivoaka ny kirihitra - éclore (fr) - mivoaka - surgir (fr) - bourgeonner (fr) - mipoaka, mirongaronga, mitroatraexplode, irrupt - fahatsapana, mampahafantatra, mampahatsiaro, misehomake itself felt, tell - efa resahin'ny olonabe in the air - come up - se détacher (fr) - jell - recur[Spéc.]



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