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central bank[Classe]

deposit bank[Classe]

banque d'investissement (fr)[Classe]

しょうぎょうぎんこう; 商業銀行mercantile bank; commercial bank; full service bank[Classe]

deposit bank - branch - bank - development bank - savings bank - loan bank - bank branch - banking institution - branch office - deposit office - comptoir (fr) - succursale bancaire (fr) - banking enterprise, banking house, banking institution, banking undertaking - caisse de crédit (fr) - caisse de dépôts (fr) - bancassurance (fr) - ホームバンキングhome banking - agence bancaire (fr) - banque de développement (fr) - 貯蓄銀行savings bank - 世界銀行IBRD, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank - credit bank - discount bank - ナショナルバンク, 国法銀行national bank, State bank - building and loan association, building society, mortgage bank, real estate company, real estate corporation, savings and loan, savings and loan association - banca (it) - banco (it) - filiale di banca (it) - istituto di credito (it) - clearing banks[Spéc.]

ぎんこう, バンク, 銀行, 銭荘, 預金金融機関bank, banking company, banking concern, depository financial institution[Gén.]



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